High Quality Services for Your Employees

At UPA, we believe in identifying individual diversities of staff to yield profitable results for the organization and to create a workplace experience where staff can be their most authentic, productive selves.

At Unlimited Potential of Achievement (UPA) we offer consultation, coaching and training services that equip individuals and organizations to tap into greater potential for success.

We recognize that every individual has different life experiences and brings differing skills, creativities, and talents to fulfill their job descriptions.

The Diversity ROE Training Series™

This training series is designed to improve individual and collective staff performance.  The Diversity ROE Training Series™ makes a play on the acronym ROE (return on equity).  In business, the return on equity is a measure of the profitability of a business in relation to its equity. 

Figuratively speaking, UPA believes there is a “return” to be realized with the practice of making “equity” a priority within the workplace culture.  Hence, The Diversity ROE Training Series™ ties diversity and equity (and inclusion) to furthering a business’ bottom line. 

Senior leader speaker speaks to public people audience in training workshop or conference. Mature lecturer is CEO executive manager leading the symposium event. International business seminar concept.
Diverse employees team working on project together, business negotiations

The UPA Diversity Blueprint Strategic Planning Model™

Our UPA Diversity Blueprint Strategic Planning Model™ takes a more in-depth, systemic approach to demonstrating organizational commitment to promoting an environment where equity, inclusion and diversity thrive.  

The strategic planning model illustrates how diversity, equity and inclusion are key to corporate success in today’s workplace.  The strategic planning model is suited to address the unique diversity demands and complexities of each organization. 

To launch the strategic planning process,

- an organization provides information describing business and diversity goals; and,

- UPA then works with the organization to strengthen its strategic diversity efforts to more effectively impact productivity and the business’ return on equity. 

This critical process will establish objectives that are clear and measurable.  Additionally, the ‘blueprint’ sets timelines, develops action steps and engages team effort in this important work. 

The UPA Coaching Partnership™

There is no cookie cutter approach to promoting effective engagement within today’s diverse work environments. At UPA, we understand that unity is not uniformity. Each of us has unique perspectives, demographics, communication preferences and work styles that must be united to achieve a common goal.

Therefore, for those individuals (and teams) who determine they need a more personalized experience, The UPA Coaching Partnership offers a journey into self-discovery where we begin to explore our various core characteristics, while learning how our differences and the differences of others can be seeds for success.

The UPA Coaching Partnership is precisely tuned for enhancing workplace interactions by promoting client-driven understandings of personal biases and fears as well as building upon personal strengths and talents. Focused inquiries and assessments encourages clients to learn the joy and, sometimes, the struggle of self-exploration.

Our diversity coaching is truly a non-judgmental partnership with the client (or team) to facilitate a plan for building effective engagement and team building within today’s increasingly diverse work environments.

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